Caverject and its generic counterpart, Alprostadil, are medications that are prescribed to men to treat male impotence.  Doctors may also use Caverject or Alprostadil to help diagnose the nature of male impotence as well.  Caverject is a medication that is taken by injection, like Edex, which is a similar brand.  Caverject and Alprostadil are known to cause extremely long-lasting erections and serious harm can come from such prolonged erections.  Therefore, patients will need to notify their doctor if such an erection occurs for them, lasting more than four hours.  The erections from Caverject and Alprostadil should only last about an hour.  Canadian online pharmaciesoffer further information about these medications as well as discount Caverject and discount Alprostadil prices. 

Your doctor will need to prescribe Caverject to you and the first injections of this medication will be performed by your doctor in the office.  This is done so that your doctor can determine the proper dosage and your doctor will also be able to train you on the proper way to inject Caverject or Alprostadil yourself. Those with a prescription can buy discount Caverject and Alprostadil online for cheap from an online Canada pharmacyas well as other Canadian prescriptionsdrug where you can avail big discounts on your Canada drugs online.

As with all prescription and non-prescription drugs on the market, Caverject and Alprostadil have side effects that are associated with their use.  The most common and less serious side effects that are associated with the use of Caverject and Alprostadil are as follows:  Mild bleeding at the injection site and mild to moderate genital pain.  If you begin to experience any of these side effects while using Caverject of Alprostadil, you will need to notify your doctor immediately.  At this time, you doctor will be able to advise you whether or not you should continue using either of these medications.  Unfortunately, there are some severe side effects that may occur in some individuals who use Caverject or Alprostadil.  The severe side effects associated with the used of these medications are as follows:  Severe allergic reaction, abnormal ejaculation, bleeding from the tip of the penis, bloody urine, change in the amount of urine that is normally produced, chest pain, curving of erect penis, dizziness, fainting, irregular heartbeat, new genital pains, increasing genital pains, painful erections, prolonged erections, redness, lumps, swelling, tenderness, inflammation, numbness, discoloration of the penis, bleeding at the injection site, persistent bruising at the injection site, swelling at injection site, swelling of the leg veins and white patches of discharge from the penis.  If these side effects happen to occur while you are using Caverject or Alprostadil, it is recommended that you seek emergency medical assistance right away.  Of course, your doctor will also need to be notified as soon as possible when these severe side effects occur.  Your doctor may want you to stop taking these medications immediately.   

Caverject and Alprostadil will be injected into a specific area of the penis and will produce and erection within five to twenty minutes afterwards.  It is recommended that these products are not used more than three times a week by any patients.  It is also recommended that a patient wait at least twenty-four hours in between using the injections.